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Yellow Sub

Yellow Sub Hydro is a digital water technology company. We have developed a Software as a Service (SaaS) product to reimagine water resource management engineering as we know it. More than a model, this cloud based application offers near real-time simulations of coupled surface and groundwater at catchment scale. We call this virtual environment for interactive and collaborative experiments on the hydrological system, Periscope.

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Yellow Sub

Yellow Sub Creative is a creative agency on a quest to provide digital solutions that pack a purposeful punch. Our experts help other purpose and values driven companies with their brand, web and apps so we can design, build and play with impact.

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Yellow Sub

Yellow Sub Geo is an all-terrain, applied science and geo environmental consultancy. We specialise in intelligent, client-focussed solutions to environmental and climate change problems. From geo-conservation to environmental impact assessments and more, we make only positive tracks.

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Designed to disrupt perceptions of home energy and heating, Nuable is a free guide to help consumers and developers identify renewable energy potential in any locality, using just a postcode. Starting in Wales, our newly developed map ranks Wind, Solar, Hydro and Ground Source Heat on a scale of 1-5. Scoring 5 indicates the optimal energy source for harnessing.