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It ALL started with a peculiar looking sub…

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We help people, governments and businesses face the biggest challenges of our time through developing climate change adaptation and resilience strategies.

Yellow Sub is on a purpose-driven Journey to safeguard our planet’s life support systems. Parked (without a permit) at the nexus of population growth, climate change and the fourth industrial revolution, this eclectic bunch is pairing game-changing technology with effective storytelling for maximum impact.

Business and society reimagined for future generations, with relentless curiosity.
All aboard!

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Like all good things, it started on a seemingly simple trip to West Wales. Among the surfing, coasteering and general outdoorsiness, the would be co-founders talked about the possibilities of a purpose-driven business that drives its energy towards creating a more sustainable future. Then the Yellow Sub appeared.

Ice cap with someone holding a small yellow sub in front of it


Yellow Sub Geo Ltd was founded in 2017. The peculiar looking Yellow Sub with tracks represented the all-terrain vehicle delivering leading geo-environmental consultancy services across land, sea and sometimes bogs. The foundations for a triple-bottom-line business to equitably weigh people, planet and profit were laid here.

Pen and paper with diagrams drawn


Imagine a giant roll of wallpaper, unfurled and doodled upon with outlandish possibilities of changing the world. That is our Yellow Sub Scroll, and it is the starting point for many projects that go on to take life months later. Every year we gather to unroll the scroll and reflect on which ideas came to life, which failed and which come next. The only rule? Bring your marker pens and your imagination.

Kyomi presenting Periscope presentation and Ben watching


Technical engineers, scientists and mathematicians possess brilliant minds that revolutionise the world we live in – but they’re often not storytellers. In recognition that communication is the key to good consultancy, Yellow Sub Creative was founded in October 2019. Since its launch, we have delivered commercial opportunities together, aligned to make the world a better and more sustainable place for the benefit of all stakeholders. See: Nuable!

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The most recent addition to the group is Yellow Sub Hydro Ltd which was founded on September 7th, 2020. In a year where the whole world appears to come to a halt, the Yellow Sub accelerated, doubled in size, and began the design and build of our game-changing SaaS, Periscope.

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Reimagining business and society for future generations is no small task (and with no expiration date). The Yellow Sub will continue to travers the globe with relentless curiosity, searching for answers to some of our greatest challenges and picking up extraordinary crew along the way. As one founding Director said, “If you’re going to take moonshots, you better find some astronauts”.

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We encourage our staff to challenge every aspect of the business, engage creatively in their work, and to define a role that they are uniquely able to fill. The goal is to create an environment where we can profitably blur the line between work and play with creative and meaningful work as defined by the individual.

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