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Science, creativity & ingenuity to help solve the world’s big f#!*ing problems


We help people, governments and businesses face the biggest, most complex challenges of our time through developing climate change adaptation and resilience strategies.

With simple solutions proving elusive, we created a group of companies to cover a range of disciplines and provide a holistic approach to problem-solving. Because what’s the point in having the best tech in the world if you can’t get anyone to understand it or get excited by it?!

Yellow Sub sits at the nexus of climate change, population growth, and the fourth industrial revolution. Within this rapidly changing landscape, there are huge global challenges and significant opportunities on the rise to meet them.

Exciting times indeed!

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The time to act was yesterday. Yellow Sub has a zero-tolerance policy for greenwashing and a triple bottom line that means our business, and every decision within it, is working towards a more sustainable planet.

Climate Change is often described as a ‘wicked problem’ – a complex and multifaceted challenge that can never be truly solved, where your lived experience of it depends on your location and situation in life, and success might look very different from one person to the next. With simple solutions proving elusive, building adaptation and resilience into our society and its life-support systems become our shared purpose.

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The 4IR represents a new era of technical advancements where every aspect of our lives will be touched by a form of digital integration at a never before seen scale, speed and complexity!

Rather than the dystopian nightmare of your favourite sci-fi film, this new frontier puts people at the heart of its technological systems and helps to build a more sustainable future. From Artifical Intelligence (AI), to robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other technologies, the 4IR presents us with immense opportunities for social and environmental advancements.


We make no apology for focusing on our people. That includes the people that make up our diverse teams and also those impacted by the work we do.

The role business plays in wider society is evolving with consumers demanding more emphasis on social, environment and governance in business practicies. As a triple-bottom-line company, we measure our ‘value’ not just in profit margins but in broader terms such as employee wellbeing, security and retention. The simple philosophy here is that true sustainability accounts for the needs of ALL stakeholders – and yes that includes the planet.